The Alterra are a race of beings millions of years old that originated in the galaxy of Destra, then traveled across space to eventually settle in the galaxy of Avalona, fleeing persecution at the hands of their brethren, the Ori. These exiles eventually evolved into one of the most powerful races ever to inhabit the stars.

The Alterra are an advanced stage of Human evolution, or rather Humans are a primitive form of Alterrans. Both share the same basic appearance, but there the similarities end. Alterrans are what present day Human culture would refer to as 'Superhumans,' and what past Human culture would refer to as 'gods.'

The Alterra were wiped out by a plague several million years ago, but due to an ingenious plan to circumvent their doom called the Legacy Project, their civilization was restarted using a Repository of Knowledge along with the creation of many Seed Species before the Alterra's eventual demise. The combination of these two projects resulted in the creation of a new Alterra, Ryan Stevenson, from the seed species of the Avalona galaxy. Through him, the Alterran civilization is once again on the rise.

Discovered after the fact, the plague that resulted in the death of the Alterra was in fact a bioweapon created for their destruction by the Ascended Empire. The Empire feared the Alterrans' power, and it remains to be seen how long the rebirth of the Alterran civilization will be tolerated before the Ascended Empire chooses to intervene once again.

Neo Alterran ListEdit

  1. Ryan Stevenson
  2. Bra'tac
  3. Teyla Emmagan
  4. Andara
  5. Luke Stevenson
  6. Paul Stevenson
  7. Greg Stevenson
  8. Mike Stevenson
  9. Matt Stevenson
  10. Phil Stevenson
  11. Arin Stevenson
  12. Bret Stevenson
  13. Nate Stevenson
  14. Chad Stevenson
  15. Stan Stevenson
  16. Jake Stevenson
  17. Brad Stevenson
  18. Zack Stevenson
  19. Dake Stevenson
  20. Kyle Stevenson
  21. Eric Stevenson
  22. Tery Stevenson
  23. Vick Stevenson
  24. Carl Stevenson
  25. Dann Stevenson
  26. Evan Stevenson
  27. Trey Stevenson
  28. Cydd Stevenson
  29. Lary Stevenson
  30. John Sheppard
  31. Janus
  32. Jack O'Neill
  33. Liona