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4 races' languages

The Alterra maintained control of their massive territory by forming a network of alliances with friendly, indigenous races within each of their 22 galaxies. These alliances were unique to each race, to each galaxy, but they all had one common thread: subservience to the Alterra in one form or another. The other races weren't for three.


Formerly an Apprentice Race, the Asgard grew under the tutiledge of the Alterra until they were deemed to be 'self-sufficient' and released from all oaths of servitude. They became lesser peers to the Alterra, but peers none the less. Despite their independence, the Asgard remain fiercely loyal to their 'big brothers' and have looked after the Alterran Seed Species in their stead.


Also a former Apprentice Race, the Furlings once had immense physical power, equalled only by a seemingly uncontrolable aggression. After 5 million years of growth and instruction, the Furlings succeeded in refining their aggressive nature into an asset rather than a curse. In doing so they were relinquished from servitude and took their place as the Alterra's third peer, and hold themselves as honor-bound to defend and protect their allies, including the Alterrans' Seed Species, which they have continued to watch over along with the less militant Asgard.


Beginning as a peer from day 1, the mysterious Nox welcomed the Alterra when their survery ships first arrived in Avalona. Ever since the two races have maintained close, yet discrete ties, collaborating on many projects without fully understanding one another. The Nox's effervescent pacifism makes them incapable of fully understanding the Alterra's help/hurt philosophy when dealing with other races, while the Alterra have no clue as to the origins and inner workings of the Nox. Whenever asked questions concerning such, they kindly avoid the subject, prefering to keep some secrets to themselves.

Never the less, their allegiance stands without question.