Hand of friendship.

The Alterra helped elevate other species in many ways that ranged from simple assistance in times of need to the most reserved method that became known as 'Apprentice Race.'


The first step in becoming an Apprentice Race to the Alterra is to attract their attention. To do this, the 'Ancients' must see something of worth, or potential worth, within the species in question.

Whatever that potential may be, it must be significant enough for the Alterra to designate the time, resources, responsibility, and patience for developing the race in question. To do so was an extremely large enterprise, and one that was not taken lightly, nor often by the Alterra.


Once a race was tagged for 'elevation' the Alterra would place a number of their own people as the primary rulers of the species and begin to restructure their society. The end result would be a new culture developing the uniqueness of the species while serving the Alterra in some function. The servitude would provide purpose for the race, as well as solidify the chain of command. The servant race would obey the Alterra in all things, learning as they went along.

Often the servant race would assist the Alterra in reconaissance, resource collection, travel, and/or peacekeeping roles in a minor way, augmenting already present Alterran operations rather than replacing them. Presently, the Alterra have three servant races, the Jaffa in Avalona, the Lanteans in Pegasus, and the Feriorla in Dracona. These three races hold a greater responsibility for events within their local galaxies, due to the lack of adequate Alterran population and ship numbers.


If a servant race developes to a certain level they are then granted increased freedoms, including the appointment of their own leaders. The Alterran rulers step back and become advisors, guiding the Apprentice Race but no longer giving direct commands. The race is allowed to develop on its own path within Alterran guidelines, and is evaluated on its independent capability.

The transition from servant to apprentice is not an easy one. Once the Alterran leadership is established, the race learns to rely on them for everything. The servant race must prove it is capable of making some decisions on its own before being 'released' to the apprentice level. Once on that level further competence must be displayed in order to maintain their limited freedom and self-responsibility.


If an Apprentice race proves its worth and ability to operate independently, they are then released from all aspects of servitude and are treated as a friendly, yet sovereign society. To date, only two apprentice races have achieved 'Peer' status with the Alterra...the Asgard and the Furlings and of course, the Nox who were peers from the beginning.