Highly upgraded version of the Goa'uld Ha'tak, redesigned using lower level Alterran technology by Bra'tac and Ryan Stevenson for the exclusive use of the new System Lords. These new attack vessels are built in the Jaffa shipyards on the surface of Dakara, along with the smaller Alket scout vessels.


A crude drawing, but the basic H'tel design mirrors the Goa'uld mothership with Alterran geometry added.

The H'tel utilizes 3 varieties of plasma weapons.
  1. 42 small point defense turrets (short, fast moving lances of plasma)
  1. 12 large, orb-like plasma cannons
  1. 1 short-range plasma streamer with 6 outlets (ventral weapon)

The H'tel design also incorporates a main particle beam located on the dorsal turret. It's energy output is variable, and at maximum strength acts much like the primary weapon on the Columnar...though at considerably less magnitude.