A weapon that uses magnetic acceleration to fire a metalic slug at great speed over minimal to long distances. Sheppard requested the addition of the MAC cannon to the captured 304s in part because of nostalgia, and also because they attack the enemy with kinetic force rather than energy.

He originally got the idea from a video game called "Halo" then found out that the technology was real and that it was fully described in Atlantis's database. Attributes of the weapon are as follows:

  • Low power useage.
  • Fires along direction of ship's prow(not adjustable targeting).
  • Requires ammunition.
  • Greatly damages shields set up to primarily resist energy weapons.
  • Cuts through Wraith bioarmor with ease.
  • Not technically challenging to construct.
  • Delivers a massive blow if used correctly in battle.
  • Can be loaded with ammunition consisting of replicator blocks. The projectile then 'unpacks' once inside target ship.