An "Atla", a subspecies of the Iapetus.

The dominate power in Avalona when the Alterrans first arrived in the galaxy, the Lovakora are a conglomeration of 12 distinct races of 'dinosaurs' with many subspecies. They controlled approxiately 1% of the galaxy at their height of power, cherrypicking the most valuable worlds to make their own.

Civilization structureEdit

Each primary race governs itself and it's subspecies, making them 'nations' within the whole Lovakora society. Mixed groupings occur for varying tasks, such as combat, but planetary habitations are kept separate, as are alloted resources. Competition occurs between the races, but all exist, think, and breathe as Lovakora. They are a truly united force, with an underlying intolerance for any other species. They are superior, and do not shy from that fact.

12 racesEdit

  • Iapetus
  • Oceanus
  • Hyperion
  • Coetus
  • Cronus
  • Krius
  • Memott
  • Tethys
  • Thela
  • Febe
  • Rhea
  • Taerma


The Lovakora homeworld was known as Gaia before it was conquered by the Alterra in a 'battle' that lasted 52 years. Today it lays barren, uninhabited, and a few centuries away from falling into the gravity well of its red giant central star.


At the end of a thousand year war, the Lovakora were headed towards annihilation, absolutely unwilling to surrender to the Alterra. Before the last of them were wiped out, the Alterra offered an armistice on the following terms: the Lovakora would forevermore be banished to a single star system, known to the Alterra as Fin-O-Nas-Tar-Ta-Rush. If the Lovakora should ever breach the border, no matter how slight an infraction, no matter what the reason, the Alterra would return and eradicate the surviving Lovakora. Should they remain within the specified boundaries, the Alterra would leave them alone, but monitored.

Over the years, the stories of the Lovakora would alter the name of the prison system address from its shorthand of Tar-Ta-Rush to "Tartarus".

Present DayEdit

The Lovakora remain within Tartarus, unaware of the demise of the Alterra and their subsequent rebirth. They have, in the interim 45 million years, advanced considerably...beyond the understanding of the Alterra in some categories. Their present power is uncertain, and they present a most dire threat should they ever be released from their self-regulated imprisonment.