Repository of Knowledge(before download)

The second component of the Alterra's Legacy Project, the Repository of Knowledge was a 'time capsule' for the Alterran civilization. It contained a copy of their full collective knowledge as well as the ability to physically transform an individual of a sufficiently advanced Seed Species into a new Alterran, thus resurrecting their civilization long after time had eradicated the plague from the Alterrans' former domain.

Repository (in use)


Several hundred Repositories were created by the Alterra and spread across the galaxies of Avalona, Dracona, Orona, Vela, Kestardra, Syrex along with the indigenous Seed Species they placed there. There were no Repositories placed in the Pegasus galaxy for use by its primitive Seed Species, instead the Alterra created a second, more advanced Seed Species called the Lanteans who had direct access to Ancient technology and history through their stewardship of Atlantis.


To date, only four individuals have survived an attempted use of the Repositories:

Secondary ProgrammingEdit

During the last days of the plague, when the Legacy Project was being put into effect, one of the recently ascended Alterra named Lyran helped the Repository programmers alter the programming to incorporate a more aggressive transformation that would push the user's physiology to the pinicle of Alterran development and beyond if they passed a rigorous series of tests to prove their worth.

These tests took place inside a hyper accelerated virtual reality environment within the individual's mind immediately after making contact with the Repository, with the user living out days in a matter of minutes. Should they fail the test, the Repository's original program would be allowed to proceed and no memory of the test would remain.

If the test was passed, the hyper-advancement would be initiated and a small subset of knowledge about the existence of the Ascended Empire and the danger they posed would be accessable along with the rest of the Repository's knowledge. However, as a second test of ones mettle, a user that passed the first test was given a choice whether or not they would accept the burden of recreating the Alterran civilization and fighting the inevitable war against the Ascended Empire. If the user declined, the programming would proceed as normal and all knowledge of the test and choice would be erased from his/her memory.