One of the fastest forms of energy within our dimension, Rictara energy is almost exclusively produced biologically. It is responsible for most telepathic communication and manifests itself in 3 typical ways.

  • Search Mode- The Rictara energy is produced in a reactive form, transmitted omni-directionally or conical where it encounters other Rictara 'transmitters/producers' and reflects back, carrying with it the signiture of the reflector...much the same way light bounces back in the 'color' of the object it hits.
  • Broadcast- The Rictara energy is transmitted omni-directionally carrying mental 'data,' which can be absorbed and 'read' by any appropriate receiver. This is how Alterran technology accepts mental commands. It can sense and decode the Rictara energy broadcast by the Alterra.
  • Direct Link- Similar to 'Broadcast,' this is a data transfer that occurs 'point to point' rather than omni-directionally. A specific receiver is located using 'Search Mode' and the transmission is sent directly to that point. When the two receiver/transmitters 'link' they essentially establish an interface code so that no one along the line of sight transmission path can intercept the telepathic link.