A clone of Ryan Stevenson, Paul is one of 25 'copies' grown in an Alterran incubation chamber, having the same genetic structure and memories as Ryan, but a different core energy. Similar in nature to twins, clones are different people in the same 'body,' though over time that body will alter to match the 'person' inside, which is why some twins appear the same 30 years down the line and some will vary drastically in appearance.


Paul, along with his brothers, each assigned themselves to a needed task in the initial rebuilding phase of the rebirth of the Alterran civilization to lessen the load that Ryan had been carrying mostly on his own, choosing to travel to Avalona and assist Bra'tac as his 'master builder' given that no Jaffa could understand the level of technology the Alterra were gifting them with.

Overcoming the pastEdit

Paul oversaw the construction of all the Jaffa cities and ships, along with programming numerous training exercizes and learning curriculums for the infantile Jaffa scientists to begin cutting their teeth on. Their former technological suppression by the Goa'uld means that the Jaffa have no existing scientific caste, and must move quickly to address that glaring weakness. In the mean time Paul oversees an army of replicators, filling the gap that the Jaffa themselves must one day fill, and doing a better job of it than they ever conceivably could, setting the servant race off on solid ground that they will be challenged to maintain rather than create on their own someday.