A dense star system located near the core of Avalona, "Tartarus" is actually the location known as Fin-O-Nas-Tar-Ta-Rush to the Alterra, and the place where they banished the Lovakora after defeating them in the Lovakora War.


  • Trinary Star System
  • 52 planets
  • 76 moons
  • One of the densest star systems in the galaxy

Satellite Jamming FieldEdit

A network of solar-powered satellites surrounds the star system and emits a double blind jamming field. No signals get in, no signals get out. The only connection to the outside is the single Alterran observation station situated in far orbit within the system, but located within the bounds of the jamming field.

Observation StationEdit

A sensor-filled outpost, the Alterra placed the station within the 'prison system' to monitor the Lovakora without interacting with them. The station rides high over their worlds, watching silently from a distance. Powered by a potentia, the station monitors and records all visible activity, with its orbit allowing visuals of all areas of all planetoids at some point during its revolution around system center.

The potentia within the station depleted itself during the Alterra's absence, but backup solar power generators kept the station minimally operational up until Ryan Stevenson replaced the powersource and uploaded millenia of sensor data into Atlantis's database.